Saturday, 15 February 2014

What new on Haven Farm

As I take my seat at the rear of the plane, heading back to Brisbane I plan, plot and anticipate all of the new arrivals and establishments on Haven Farm since Christmas.

We have seen dramatic growth in our permaculture patch, the introduction of two new bee hives, a season of growth in the vegie patch, and the prospect of collecting a Dexter cow and her calf later in the week. Exciting times!!

When I reflect over the past few months and look at what I have enjoyed the most I would have to say gathering food from the garden or through the drop offs by generous neighbours and friends. Heading down to the patch after work, before dinner, picking and planning meals around each discovery has been an absolute joy. I have loved sourcing recipes to make the best use of our products. From a hoard of corn, abundance of cucumbers and zucchinis to two generous bags of mangos - fun times. Doesn't food you produce yourself taste expediently better than store bought?


I cubed and froze majority of the mangos which make the base of daily smoothies, tried my hand at mango salsa (delicious!) and a fabulous mango chutney (thanks to the guiding hand of a fabulous Australian book called Practical Self Sufficiency (Dick and James Strawbridge). I have never made chutney before and found the process almost therapeutic.

Another unexpected treasure has been a love of sharing discovered recipes, accompanied by at least one key ingredient, with my friends and family and the redistribution of produce. In a short period of time we have shared glut from our garden and been recipients of many herbs, plant cuttings, recipes and fruit in return. The sense of community 'ripe' (pardon the pun') at Haven.

Other recipes which have graced the table have included zucchini and corn fritters, zucchini chips, silverbeet with pine nuts and garlic, tzatziki along with using baby bok choy and zucchini flowers in a salad to accompanying Jamie Oliver's lamb burgers cooked on the weber BBQ. It has prompted many a dish to be served outdoors with garden inspired table decor - the flow on effect permeating much of our daily routines.

I anticipate with great excitement trialing my cheese making kit (a wonderful Christmas gift from my family) with fresh milk from the newest editions to Haven and harvesting delectable honey from our hives.

Stay tuned.