Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Small Breeds Expo

We went to a small breeds’ expo on the South side of Brisbane last Saturday in the hopes of learning a little more on some little additions for the farm. It was quite a hot day and not as many exhibits as we would have hoped. But we met some great farmers keen to share their knowledge on small cattle breeds such as Boran, Banded Galloways and Dexters. We discussed at length the options of milk versus meat cattle and the breeds which favourably combined the two.

Of interest to us was the Dexter. We were told that the Dexter cow can be milked 2 to 3 times per week. A seemingly perfect option to supply our family with milk and cheese, fits in with our busy lifestyle as we are not wishing to move into dairy farming. We were told the Dexter has a milk similar to goats milk and often used to make similar style cheeses. Given our small acreage size we could consider starting with 1 cow in calf along with a steer. Initially as company for the cow then with much appreciation will supply us with meat. The plan would be to introduce a further cow in calf approximately 6 months later – providing us with an annual supply of milk.

 Image courtesy of Dexter Cattle Australia Incorporated
More research is needed but an interesting start.


  1. My brother has Dexter cattle on his farm in Western Australia and they do produce lovely milk but it doesn't taste like goats milk to me. He milks his cows everyday and supplies milk for his family of three, my mum, his son on another property and a neighbour. The neighbour makes delicious yoghurt and cheese from the milk. Hope this information may be of some use to you.

    1. It is helpful thanks Anne. Learnt a lot these past weeks particularly on the difference between paddock and house cows. Still, loving the adventure and the helpful advice from others.