Thursday, 11 September 2014

Our Home

A lot has been happening on Haven farm in recent weeks. I am so excited. The building of our new home has started. It is the realisation of many months labouring over house plans. Day by day it is transforming into all that I imagined. And it's happening so very quickly.

So to bring you up to speed.

The first stage of the driveway went in. I am so relieved to no longer feel I am on safari as I navigate my way around the pot holes. It does however look like a bit of an airport runway at the moment.

Then came the clearing of the site for the pad and the framework for the concrete.

Next the pouring of the slab. We had so much fun engraving our names into our bedrooms.

Framework - me oh my. This is the point at which I started walking through the site, feeling the turns and really getting a sense of the space.

Roofing - I am in building heaven. I just love the lines and the colour.

Windows - here is my favourite part. I designed the house to take in our 360degree views. I am most excited about the study window and the view from the desk. I have marked the space outside, below the window, for my morning coffees. So peaceful.

Natural light, cross breezes and passive heating were all important elements in the design.

I love going home each day and seeing the what progress has been made.

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