Wednesday, 23 October 2013

2011 Brisbane Floods... a new creek

We were so very lucky during the January 2011 Brisbane floods with so many people affected, losing homes and precious belongings. The impact was long lasting and so very destructive.

Now our good fortune, in most part, was due to the high elevation of our plateau where our shed sits alongside our future home site. But the amount of water which made its way along the lower regions was incredible. The result of such volume and force of water making its way though the land was the re-design of our ‘seasonal creek’ from a low lying creek bed to a fairly deep raven. Not helped by the 15 years of drought experienced beforehand. And because of the erosion it has resulted in the inability for us to access the rear quarter of our property by car or mower. 

There were a few positives which came about after the water subsided:-
  • large deposits of river stone along the creek.
  • stone that had been brought down from the mountains the exposure of previously hidden large boulders along the banks creating lovely watering holes.
  • the blue/red claw and turtle residents are still to be found.
  • an understanding of the water flow during heavy rain seasons. A sort of what to look for or consider when planning future work
In the past we had a small dam towards the back end of the property and alongside this we had vehicle access to the rear quarter. Now we have a 2 metre drop to the creek bed.  No vehicles including the mower is getting in through here.

So we are looking to have excavation work done along the creek. We would like to allow for a gradual slope towards the banks and prevent any further erosion. We also have plans to create a couple of paddocks up the back so access is critical.

The idea is to have a few days of large scale excavation. This will be closely followed by a few weekends of planting. What we are also looking to add are several large additional (bought) boulders which will aid in the slowing down of water in the future.

It’s a big project and one which will have the biggest impact on the property to date.

Do you have any large projects you are currently working on or planning for in the future?

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