Sunday, 20 October 2013

Finds ... Tea Urn

All my life I have been a dedicated coffee drinker. To me the sound of beans being ground in the morning followed by that first whiff of freshly brewed liquid gold is the best way to start the day.

However, in recent years I have ventured into the world of tea. I think for me it’s the art or ritual of making a cuppa that I enjoy the most. Placing the tea pot , cup and saucer and cold milk jug on a tray with nice linen, taking up a spot outside with a book or magazine and just taking a moment to enjoy. Heavenly!
Now my first encounter with a silver tea urn was at an interior design workshop I attended a couple of years back. The table had been laid with vintage cups and saucers, small finger sandwiches and an old family heirloom – a silver tea urn.

It was love at first sight.

After much investigation online I discovered the styles were endless but had difficulty locating the ideal one in Australia.

After searching around (like I need an excuse to explore vintage shops) I came across an antique store west of Brisbane and found this gorgeous little tea kettle/urn. It had a dent in the side but was assured it could be restored quite simply by a silversmith.

Edwardian Silver Plated Tea Kettle with Spirit Warmer

So the next task I have is to find a silversmith and have this little baby restored back to its original condition.
I am hoping it will take pride and place alongside my ever growing collection of vintage tea cups.


  1. Beautiful. I love tea. I find it so comforting-when I'm happy or sad or tired or hot or cold or anytime really! x

  2. It is perfect for all occasions isn't it. One blend I am particularly fond of comes from the T2 Shop. Its called Girlie Grey. It has small pieces of citrus in it and is really uplifting.