Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Give me a themed event any day and I am in my element. My favourites are Easter and Halloween. Now Australia is not known for its Halloween celebrations but over the years we have slowly been warming to it. You only have to into shopping centres to see we are inundated with spooky themed tableware, ghastly treats and fancy dress attire.

I love it.

So over the weekend the kids and I decorated our little dining and living rooms and set about placing Halloween placards up the driveway. Not to mention the 'caution do not enter' tape we draped across the front fence.

Now I'm not expecting trick or treaters tomorrow night given we are on acreage and it's a fair distance between houses for little legs but I might just leave a bowl of lollies out the front on the gate for any drivers by with sweet toothed littlies.

We are having our family over tonight for a pre-Halloween dinner consisting of green worms (basil pesto pasta) and blood red velvet cupcakes. Yum.

Next year I have plans to make these little ghostly forms and put them in the front paddock. Can imagine how eery they will look at night.

Happy Halloween.

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