Wednesday, 9 October 2013

In between...Venice

In May this year I was fortunate enough to travel overseas with my teenage daughter. It was an opportunity of a life time for us both.

Our first stop and by far our favourite was Venice. We spent hours getting lost in the laneways, over bridges, along canals and through tree lined parks.

One of our most enjoyable experiences was a Ghost Tour through the streets of Venice at night. It commenced at 8pm, but doesn’t get dark until almost 9pm. However the dimming light paved the way for a gradual and increasingly eerie experience. Our tour guide, Christina, had a Masters in architecture and history and until she married a few years earlier had lived on the island. Her knowledge of the area was extraordinary and her ability to tell a tale, engaging.

We were captivated from the start. The architecture, the history and embellished tales passed along to children as a means of keeping them safe and from travelling alone through the darkened streets were fascinating. 

Once our new home is complete one of my future projects is to convert some of the images taken on my Samsung mobile into sketches and have them framed. I have fallen in love with this function. They make great personalised gifts for family and friends.

It was an amazing trip, one I would happily do over.

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