Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Project...reviving the ottomans

I saw a pin on Pinterest showing a great option to recover a couple of old tan, suede like ottomans we bought many years ago.

Wanting to keep them as additional seating or leg rests which could be used in either the future media room or living area the fabric or print selected needed to be versatile. The living area will be mostly white with blue and hints of yellow and the media lounge is a dark grey.

Now I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination and in the past would call upon the expertise of my mother or sister when the situation called for a needle and thread. But more recently I have wanted to learn. My first sewing project a few months ago was a few envelope style cushion covers for the outdoor setting. I proudly mastered the use of the overlocker. I know… it’s not really sewing but it was a start.
The ottomans are about 45cm x 45cm in length so I headed off to Spotlight to purchase some fabric which would be sturdy enough to withstand a multitude of uses. Some of those being what you would expect such as the putting up of feet after a hard day, or even as extra seating when friends pop in. Some of the other uses, as tested by my son, include fort walls, boxing sparring partner (cubes stacked upon each other to create a worthy opponent) and as a bowling ball cube!

So with a rough idea of how I wanted to proceed I cut the fabric into 6 pieces, to cover 2 cubes. After pinning the fabric together inside out I set about sewing the seams together.

As you can see below they are coming together quite nicely. I am in two minds as to how to finish them off. One idea was to hem the base with elastic but found the fabric gathered more than I was expecting. The second idea and one I am steering more towards is to hem the bottoms and secure them with Velcro.

The plan is to finish them both this Friday. Keep you posted.


  1. They look amazing! I'm trying to get over my fear of sewing this year too!! We can do it! xx

    1. Thanks Ness.
      We can start a support group for others who are also sewing challenged :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa - fingers crossed I can continue it onto the second one come Friday xx