Monday, 28 October 2013

Boys Bedroom

I am having fun creating the concepts for my kids' bedrooms in the new house and have been gathering inspiration from a number of sources including Pinterest and my favourite mags.

I can clearly see the rooms in my head but in order to share my vision I have found mood boards helpful. At the moment I am putting together my son’s. He adores all things orange and has done so since I can remember. A year or so ago I came across a vintage replica print of TinTin orange in a magazine, so I copied it and put it in a folder. Yes...I still gather images old school and love my Kikki K My Dream Home folder of clippings and images. I thought the print would be a great focal point for his room.
Now as luck or fate would have it I was walking along the Left Bank in Paris earlier this year (heading towards Shakespeare & Company – but that’s another story ) and there it was. Hanging in a green vendor’s trolley. I had to buy it even if it was just for the story on how it came to be.
So I have the print. Yet to be framed but still wanting to use it as the focal point in his room.

Existing Tall Boy                                             For the desk, three powder coated stools in red, green and blue

Creating an above desk lighting system from painted plumbers pipe and multi bulb hanging pendants 

Using timber panelling for the desktop and a blue/grey colour scheme

I am yet to consider a rug and he has a number of other prints and toys which will take pride and place but a good start I think.

Happy planning.


  1. Ooo I'd be eager to see you tackle the plumbers pipe pendant light, it would look fantastic!

    1. Me too should be a fun project. Thanks. Nicole xx

  2. I love the print and what a great story! Lisa xo

    1. Thanks Lisa. I can't wait to see his face when the room is done. Nicole xx